Is Accounting for me??

Accounting Crossword Puzzle

This is one tool that I use in Accounting class to help you learn the terms associated with accounting. See, accounting is actually a language all of it's own. Some people think it is related closely with math, but I find it is more of a coding course. In accounting you have to decide if something is an asset or a liability, once that is decided, you can apply the code by figuring the credits and debits. Most math skills used will be basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing debits and credits.

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See below the Puzzle for the word bank.

crossword puzzle

Word Bank

land prepaid   bottom  stockholders
accrual income  lower revenues
carrying point cost unearned
Balance loss  double ledger
receivable depreciation principles profitability
equation   transactions  credit chart
debit retained expenses   period
liabilities journal valuation conservatism
flows  payable cash assets

Fling The Teacher Accounting Game

This is another resource that I use to help you learn Accounting concepts. We also use an Accounting Tutor that Ms. Hornsby has set up for us that makes learning fun and Accounting easy to understand.

accounting game

Teacher Invaders

Learn Accounting terms easily playing this game daily.

Accounting Game

Now I know since you've had time to check out this introduction to Accounting, you think that you want to take this course.  Keep in mind, this course is only for Juniors and Seniors and is only offered every other year.  Also, we are in the process of offering this course as a dual credit with MCC.