Amber Merchant

Miss Merchant
6th Grade Reading & English

    English Supply List
1inch 3-ring binder w/clear cover
8 subject dividers (colors don't matter)
2pkgs of college ruled paper
black/blue pens

Reading Supply List
Sticky notes small and medium size
1 COLLEGE ruled 100pg composition book
12 glue sticks
color pencils           
black/blue pens
1 shoe box for Cabin project due in October

STRONGLY Suggested Items for school
Calendar (weekly or monthly) for assignments (recommend the Academic  Planner for $5.97 @ Walmart)
USB Flash drive for saving research/projects
 3 poster boards for projects (not necessary for first day of school, but will be needed throughout the school year for various classes)

6th Grade Reading: 1 AR quiz per week due by 3:30p.m. every Friday!

6th English: Spelling Checks and Vocabulary tests every Friday.