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Different lessons about Renewable Energy:

Did Ya Know?? In 2006, nearly eighteen percent of the nation’s corn crop was used to produce ethanol, a renewable energy source.

ENERGY SOURCE: http://www.alliantenergykids.com/

Website Design Rating Form:
Rate your website before you submit!!

JavaScript Source: 
Preformatted code for most anything you want to do, tutorials for the rest.

State Songs:
So you click on a state and the state song plays as you read about their most popular Green Energy. 

Learn How to use DREAMWEAVER: Simple Tutorials for the beginner

FREE Animated gifs:

Ten Tips for Webmasters

1. Keep the size of your pages small. No one wants to wait for a page to load.

2. Storyboard your information before constructing your pages.

3. Pages should be easy to navigate and show clear links within the site.

4. Create thumbnail images that link to larger images on separate pages.

5. Provide new information on a regular basis so readers will return.

6. Design interactive features such as Flash games, widgets, blogs, or wikis.

7. Avoid long lists of links to other sites unless they are annotated.

8. Provide contact information.

9. Provide a date when pages are updated.

10. Avoid publishing personal information unless you can control who can view it.