MiddleSchool Math


Mrs. Mandy Vannatta



Phone:(254) 863-5301 ext: 231


Conference:  6th  Period (1:45 - 2:35)



Grading Policy

Daily/Quizzes= 50%




Homework Policy

  • Homework must be:

                *on time


                *follow directions

                *show work (unless noted by teacher)


  • All homework will be due at the beginning of the class period – students who do not have their work will receive a zero.



6th grade supply list 

2x 2" binders one will remain in history class
5 subject clear pocket dividers (Avery Brand recommended)
15 basic tab dividers for history binder
3x composition books (Reading, Science & English)
2x map colors (Science & History)
6 Glue sticks (Science)
300 index cards 4x6 
300 index cards 3x5
6 packs of notebook paper 
100 #2 pencils *Please NO mechanical pencils
Pack of erasers
Calendar (weekly or monthly) for assignments (recommend the Academic  Planner for $5.97 @ Walmart)
USB Flash drive for saving research/projects
6 poster boards for projects 

Recommended Items
Pencil pouch
Black/blue ball point pens (no gel pens or permanent markers)
3 ring hole punch binder insert
Extra pack of pocket dividers (just in case others become damaged)
Pencil sharpener 


Absences Work Policy

  • Students will be given extra time if absent to get assignments in.
  • Student is responsible for finding out what the assignments are and getting them done in the time line the teacher and student have agreed upon.
  • The student is also responsible for getting make-up work from teacher.




  • Student must use designated correction sheet to complete his/her corrections.
  • Half Credit will be added back to original grade.
  • Tutorials (9:50-10:25) is a GREAT time to get help with corrections!




  • 75% of homework must be completed or it will be considered incomplete which will result in a “mark” in their discipline folder. This assignment can be corrected for half-credit back.
  • Zeros can be corrected for half-credit back (best of 50).


Test Due to Absence


  • Test will be given immediately upon their return.
  • Students are fully aware of when test are scheduled. If a student is absent before a test, they are still required to take the test on the day it was scheduled.




  • Any student not in their seat when the bell rings is considered tardy.


Discipline Policy


  • Students will be written up in their discipline folder. After 3 entries the student must have parent sign and will receive 1 day of detention. Each detention results in a deduction from the students conduct grade. Discipline entries will start over each six weeks.