Rusty Reynolds

Axtell helmettrack 1

I am Coach Reynolds and I teach 8th Grade Algebra 1 and High School Algebra 1.  I am an assistant coach in football and the head boys track coach. I have been employed by Axtell I.S.D. since the fall of 1999 and have been teaching since the fall of 1985. I was employed at Midway Junior high from 1985 to 1988. I then moved to Midway High School where I taught several different math classes, was an assistant in football, and was an assistant in soccer. In 1995, I became the Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at Bosqueville High School. I remained in this position untill the fall of 1999 at which time I began my empolyment with Axtell ISD. I greatly enjoy this profession and feel that I have been called to do it.

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